The main focus of our research is to examine biological, psychological and lifestyle parameters over the course of bipolar disorder.

You are invited to come to our clinic for an exam every six months.

Comprehensive testing will be performed to determine your health status, and you will receive feedback on the results once they have been analyzed. The initial appointment takes around four hours and each follow-up appointment around three hours. The following tests are performed:

  • Fasting blood test including blood count, lipid panel, liver and kidney values, inflammation levels and (as required) drug levels and thyroid levels
  • Recording of your current psychological symptoms
  • Collection of information on long-term symptom progression
  • Test of attention, concentration, memory and executive functioning
  • Questionnaires on your lifestyle
  • EEG
  • Brain MRI (at another appointment)

We are always planning new scientific projects, some of which are conducted as online surveys. If you are interested in participating in online studies, please send an email to: bipolar-spezialambulanz(at) We will send you an invitation with no obligation to participate.

The entire study team looks forward to your participation!